JoSephine Spring Summer 2020

Let’s dream a little with the Spring Summer moments to come...

Moments to share with your beloved ones, moments to enjoy being outside. Enjoying the nature, appreciating the sun, spending time at the countryside, at the beach, in the mountains…

Celebrating live, celebrating special occasions, celebrating love.

This Collection, brings us to those moments in time. This Collections makes us dream about the future but treasuring the present taking care of every detail and work we put in designing this Collection. 

We believe our designs are made for a simple but sophisticated woman.

A woman who values realness and naturality, unique clothes that will come alive by wearing them. A Collection made to drive a special attention on the details, colors and on the woman who’s dressing it.

Our new collection stands for unique fabrics and prints.



Inspired by the Mediterranean summer nights, parties until dawn that take us back to the 70s... Endless beach days followed by a glass of wine, family lunches and lots of great memories with those we cherish. We are thrilled to finally present this 2020 Collection looks - promised to inspire love.

A Collection that will naturally stand out for its prints and Liberty fabrics.

African and India prints, hand-printed materials with a mixture of terracotta colors combined with Liberty London fabrics to maintain our classic JoSephine essence characterized by 100% linen and cotton, one of a kind pieces. 

A feature of lurex mixed with delicate fabrics gives the final touches to this very special collection, meant to be worn during the day or the night: by the light of the sun or under the shades of the moon. 

The fabrics and prints have become so powerful and significant throughout the collection, that we would not mind wallpapering one of our home bedrooms with each of them. Or perhaps covering an armchair in our living rooms in order to sparkle them up.

Because after all, fashion, art and deco in our world, go hand in hand.


We hope you love it and enjoy it as much as we do. 

María & Mila.