JoSephine is a Spanish brand created by us: María and Mila.


From my summers in Biarritz, I remember with special nostalgia the elegant and sophisticated lifestyle. I disown if it was the air in the Atlantic Coast that since a very young age aroused my interest in timeless looks inspired by the sun and the blue of the sea. 

My mother María José, known by her relatives as Josephine, taught me throughout her life the importance of moments. And also perseverance. She had a lot of good taste, and she did not only reflect it in the way she dressed but how she decorated our home. Characterized by a bunch of porcelain dinnerware on Sundays and iconic tablecloths around the week full of floral prints. I owe everything I know to her.


When you spend your summers in Cadiz it's impossible not to feel dazzled by its light-filled corners and sunsets that seem like novels. Since childhood I was inspired by the beauty of the Andalusian courtyards, and how wouldn't I be? There is so much charm in their tiles and large windows, those that give way to light.

I did not meet my grandmother María José, but my relatives assure me that I inherited from her the daring and passion of living. Her stage name was Josephine, and it fitted her very well due to her bold and brave way of living life. Very advanced for her time, that without a doubt.



JoSephine is born in honor of two very important people in our lives and remembers each of the unforgettable memories in our childhood. Those that remain in the depths of our being and are full of nostalgia, joy and small details that make a difference in our stories.

Through JoSephine we seek to convey a philosophy and a timeless lifestyle, led by a woman full of beauty, vitality, and passion to pursue her dreams. A woman who gets carried away by her busy lifestyle, but does not change anything for a weekend of disconnection in the countryside. 

 Timeless beauty is reflected through unique garments in quality materials with a national production whenever possible (Spain and Portugal), always hand in hand with carefully selected manufacturers and craftsmen to make hand-woven and embroidered garments. 

80% of our partners or collaborators are women. We support women in their work facet in all aspects of our organization and supply chain. We are very proud to have all our extraordinary professionals. We value the craftsmanship and tradition behind fashion and strive to embody this in garments for a contemporary woman, perfect for modern everyday life. 

JoSephine is timeless beauty reflected through unique garments that will sustainably endure over time.